Association of perioperative and sterilization nurses of Serbia was fouded in 2004, with specific goal at improving the work of nurses employed in operating rooms and sterilization departments. A long time  working methodology employed in operating rooms is transmitted  verbaly „from generation to generation“. 

The time ahead of us requires educational efforts and credibility of this specific process. This is supported by the fact that this year on 31th of march in Novi Sad associtation organized first symposium of head nurses in operating rooms with international participation.

Nurse educational content has proven importance of organized action in further educational development. Dealing with the perioperative health care process, identification of psysiological, psichological and sociological needs of patiens has enabled continuity of care of surgical patients. 

Perioperative health care workers offers a variety of professional roles today. Perioperative nurses includea wide range of tasks ranging from direct provision of health care, organization of work processes in surgical ward, the coordination of all stakeholders in the operational process, activities that improve the quality of services. Perioperative nurse are responsible for their own profesional development and training in their own working enviroment. The transformation of the health care system and to comply with Europian and international standards.

Devlopment of perioperative health care must be based on the educated staff at all levels of the operating field of work. The formation of the Health Council of Serbia in order to evaluate the quality of continuing medical education, created the conditions for continuous monitoring of innovation in medical practice, the adoption of new skills and knowledge and improving the quality of work.

The perioperative nurses accepted the new situation, realizing that promote continuos education of their businesses. Health Council of Serbia as the highest legislative body in the field of health care provided by the accreditation of educational programs and thus enable a better understanding of all participans in the process of providing adequate health care.

Perioperative area of health care so the first time become more transparent and accessible to other participants in the process of health care. The field of continuing medical education means taking part, either actively or passively, accredited programs aimed at continuos collection of information about innovations in health care for health care providers.